Construction Inspectors Needed

M-Tec is looking for Construction Inspectors to fill potential job openings on highway and bridge construction projects. We are accepting applications from applicants of all experience levels.


·       Analytical ability

·       Good mathematical skills

·       Good communication skills

·       Team oriented

·       Determined and ambitious

·       High School Diploma or GED equivalent, a BS in Civil Engineering is favorable  

·       Valid Drivers License


It is desired that Construction Inspection applicants possess the following qualifications. Entry level applicants need not possess all of the following certifications. Training will be provided for entry level applicants to obtain these certifications.

·  NICET Level I, II, III or equivalent

·  If an entry level inspector position is desired, 1 year road and/or bridge construction experience

·  If a more experienced inspector position is desired, at least 7 years of experience for NICET III level positions preferably with 2 years or more of NJDOT heavy highway experience

·  NJSAT Asphalt Technology Certificate

·  Rutgers TCC Certificate

·  ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Certificate

·  ACI Concrete Construction Technology Course (CCTC) Certificate


M-Tec is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will be evaluated for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status or disability.


Applicants should send resumes to:

Richard L. McIntyre, PE (NJ & PA), CFM (NJ), CME (NJ):


Gwen Steckel, PE: